Compare Your Auto Insurance to Ours!
It's easy! With Insurance Shopper from Wescom Insurance Services (WIS), you'll usually have an estimate for auto insurance in less than five minutes.
As you use Insurance Shopper, you'll be asked for some information to help make your estimate as accurate as possible:
  • Information about your current policy and the drivers you wish to insure.
  • The year, make, and model of the vehicles you wish to have insured. As a convenience, this information will automatically appear for any vehicles financed through Wescom.
  • The number of accidents you've been involved in and/or the number of moving violations you've had.
After you receive your estimate, a WIS Representative can help you obtain your new policy or answer any questions you may have.
Please note that while using Insurance Shopper your eBranch session will still be active in a separate window. When you're finished with eBranch, please remember to log off.
Insurance services offered through Wescom Insurance Services CA Ins Lic #0E89948, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wescom Holdings, LLC, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wescom Credit Union.
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